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Dhigurah Island Travel Guide For Maldives • The World Travel Guy

[ad_1] 5 Dhigurah Island is probably the most beautiful island you’ve never heard of in the Maldives. It’s a local island without the fancy overwater resorts that are famous in Maldives, but instead it has a long and wonderful white sand beach. If you’re wanting to see the Maldives on a budget, this is one […]

Banggai Islands Travel Guide & Itinerary For Sulawesi Indonesia

[ad_1] 7 The Banggai area in Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s most underrated places, with an amazing blue lake called Paisupok and other good things to see including beaches, caves, waterfalls, and wildlife. This is a big area that includes three different regencies — Banggai, Banggai Islands, and Banggai Laut — so it’s a bit […]

Seram Island & Ora Beach Travel Guide (Maluku, Indonesia) • The World Travel Guy

[ad_1] 215 Seram island in Maluku is one of the best kept secrets of Indonesia. The beautiful Ora Beach Resort has views like Bora Bora, and most of the island is still relatively unexplored. This is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia if you’re looking for a secluded paradise with jungles, mountains, […]

Milky Way, Long Beach & More

[ad_1] 340 The Palau Rock Islands have earned UNESCO status for their incredible scenery, and they’re one of the main tourist sights in the country of Palau. While many people choose to see the islands with a scenic flight, another great option is to visit them with a boat tour. On a speed boat tour […]

Bohol Philippines Island Travel Guide & How To Visit

[ad_1] 389 The island of Bohol Philippines is a unique one, with exotic landscapes like the ‘Chocolate Hills,’ and wild tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate. Bohol may not be quite as popular as islands like Coron or El Nido Palawan, but it’s still worth a visit. There are lots of good things to see and […]